Email: [email protected]

Phone: 763-913-7759

Mailing Address:

4041 Jason Ave NE St. Michael, MN 55376

Camp Address:

66500 425th St. Odin, MN 56160


To Apply for camp, send in the following:

• Application

• Deposit


Our camps are unique in the fact that we build a camp around your wrestler. Your wrestler will be placed in a camp with partners of similar size and experience level making for an optimal training environment.


To ensure your wrestler gets in the best possible camp for their development, it's critical when filling out your application form that you MARK AS MANY DATES AS POSSIBLE THAT YOUR WRESTLER CAN ATTEND.


Once your wrestler has been placed in a camp we will mail AND email you the chosen date.


At that time, please fill out the health certificate and medical waiver and mail them in to the address listed.


*If your wrestler is not placed in a camp you will be refunded your deposit*

Thorn Wrestling Camps


Mail application to:  

David Thorn, 4041 Jason Ave NE, St. Michael, MN 55376

Contact David at: 763-913-7759 or [email protected]


Weeklong Application

Weekend Application