Middle School/High School

5 Day Intensive Camp

6th - 12th Grade



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Camp Check In: 5:30-6:30 PM
Camp Check Out: 1:30 PM

• Balance due of $  

• Any remaining Health Forms  

• Sleeping bag and pillow  

• Minimum 12 sets of workout gear (one for each session - T'shirts, shorts, socks, underwear)

• Wrestling shoes, headgear, kneepads and running shoes  

• Sweatshirts, sweatpants  

• Clothes for non-wrestling time  

• Towels, soap, shampoo, personal care items  

• Bag for dirty laundry  

• Readiness to Work Hard!

Middle School/High School intensive camps are designed for the wrestler whose goal is to be a STATE CHAMP!


Must have at least two seasons of wrestling under their belt and in grades 6-12.


These camps incorporate LOTS of hard drilling and live wrestling. The athletes will focus primarily on their takedowns. They will learn a system of techniques that have been time tested and work at the highest levels.


Through a unique application process, kids will be placed in camp according to weight and experience level which will make for the ideal learning environment.  


At Thorn Wrestling Camps, the athletes will not simply see the move once and move on. At the end of each technique session, the kids will hard drill everything they have covered that session. This gives the kids the repetition required to develop muscle memory, and culminates in an hour long hard drill on day 5 of camp. Each evening session will be dedicated to live wrestling. Here the kids will get anywhere from 8-12 matches with different partners.


At the start of each technique session a gymnastics/tumbling warm up will be done.  The idea here is to increase overall body control, awareness, flexibility, and strength. We should constantly be striving to become the best athletes we can be!


Our intensive camps are unique in the fact that we build a camp around your wrestler. Your wrestler will be placed in a camp with partners of similar size and experience level making for an optimal training environment.


To ensure your wrestler gets in the best possible camp for their development, when filling out your application form you will need to MARK AS MANY DATES AS POSSIBLE THAT YOUR WRESTLER CAN ATTEND.


Once your wrestler has been placed in a camp we will email you the chosen dates.


*If your wrestler is not placed in a camp you will be refunded your deposit*


Email: d[email protected]

Phone: 763-913-7759

Mailing Address:

1006 South Street Jackson, MN 56143

Camp Address:

66500 425th St. Odin, MN 56160

Thorn Wrestling Camps

Intensive Camp Daily Camp Schedule:

6:45: Morning Run

7:30: Breakfast

9:00: 11:00: Technique/Hard Drilling

12:00: Lunch

2:00 - 4:00: Technique/Hard Drilling

5:00: Dinner

7:00 - 9:00: Live Wrestling

10:00: Movie/Pizza

10:30 Lights Out