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Program Development Workshops

Thorn Wrestling Camps

w/ Hall of Fame Coach

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These workshops can be booked by themselves, or if you wish can be paired with one of our Traveling Wrestling Camps. A 10% discount will be offered to anyone who pairs the two together.

Dan Lefebvre

New in the summer of 2024, Hall of Fame Coach Dan Lefebvre will be offering workshops held at your school focusing on all things program development! Coach Lefebvre will share his knowledge of building a championship program and a winning culture in the form of a 4 hour workshop.


Coach Lefebve was an assistant coach at STMA high school for 17 years and a head coach or co-head coach for 12 years. In that time he coached 9 state championship teams and 36 individual state champions. Most recently he has taken over as the head women's coach at STMA high school where they currently have over 50 girls participating.


Below are some of the areas Coach Lefebve will address throughout the workshop.  


- Create a mission statement that can be used throughout all levels of your program

- Develop effective communication strategies with coaches, wrestlers, parents, alumni, youth coaches

- Construct practice plans for youth, middle school, and high school programs that align with your coaching philosophies

- Develop strategies to build trusting relationships with your wrestlers - the cornerstone to success

- Promoting & fundraising at your program

- Transformational coaching: the foundation of an effective head coach

- Implementation of a typical practice plan