Camps are held in a small town in Odin, MN.


40-50 wrestlers per camp. Same size, same ability. 8:1 wrestler to coach ratio.


Learn techniques that won David, Mike, and Tommy 11 MN state titles & helped each one become Division I NCAA All-Americans.


Campers will get 8-12 live matches a day with different partners.


Campers will hard drill each move covered during the technique sessions to ensure maximum retention.


Wrestlers who finish a Thorn Camp will feel a strong sense of accomplishment.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 763-913-7759

Mailing Address:

1006 South Street Jackson, MN 56143

Camp Address:

66500 425th St. Odin, MN 56160

Thorn Camp Mission

Our mission for every intensive camp at The Farm is to create an ideal training environment.  We do this with a unique application process where wrestlers of the same size and ability are placed in the same camp.  

At camp the athletes will get a wrestler to coach ratio of 9 to 1.  They will work extensively on takedown’s (tie up, set up, shot, finish) as well as some mat work.  

Muscle Memory will be developed through a progressive system of hard drilling, and each evening session is devoted to live wrestling where your wrestler will get 8-12 matches with different partners.

Campers will learn the techniques and training methods that won the Thorn Brothers 11 individual State Titles and helped each one become Division I All-Americans. Remember, summer is the best time to make a jump on your opponents.

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Thorn Wrestling Camps

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"Thorn Camps are a great experience to practice with the best wrestlers in the midwest. Connections and friendships are easily made and the counselors are young and very experienced, as well as easily related to by all the wrestlers."

Peyton Robb: Minnesota 3x State Champ / 2X NCAA Div 1 ALL-AMERICAN


Patrick Mckee: Minnesota

3x State Champ / 2X NCAA Div 1 ALL-AMERICAN

"Thorn Camps are great camps with a lot of great partners and even better coaches. David Thorn is a great technician with a wide variety of moves. David is also a great mentor and has helped me with life on and off the mat."

Jared Franek: North Dakota

4x State Champ / NCAA Div 1 ALL-AMERICAN

Cadet National Champion


"Thorn Camp really stood out to me from the rest of the camps I attended the last two summers.

The atmosphere at Thorn Camp is like no other because it is in the middle of nowhere and us campers really learned to bond with each other and were able to focus solely on our goal of getting better at wrestling.

The quality of partners was great. Everyone pushed each other to get better and I feel that it really prepared me for summer competitions! I recommend anyone that wants to be pushed and get better to attend David Thorn's camp. It will give you a good idea of where you are at."

2024 camp dates NOW OPEN!

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